It's All About Love in Relationships

This book will help you realize what precautions to take while dating, and how to prepare yourself for marriage. Many people want someone who is the “total package,” knowing that they themselves are far from being the total package. You can look for Mr. Right or Mrs. Right all day, but if you are not equally yoked in Christ with your significant other, then you are missing out on an opportunity to have a godly relationship. God wants all of us to have a blessed life—but to live a blessed life, you have to stay in the will of God. While reading this book, I hope that you change your way of thinking about relationships, and that you will be more mindful of the people you attract and entertain. Relationships are the most important part of life. This book will also give you key components to help you navigate this world, and be better prepared for dating and marriage. If you remember nothing else, please remember to keep God first in your relationship.

It's All About Love in Relationships
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